The yields of going running in autumn

4 laps of running (fineliner and colored pencil)
4 laps of running (fineliner and colored pencil)

4 laps of running in a nearby forest/park yielded:

– 1 apple (big but very sour)

– 2 handful of walnuts

I like this time of the year.


Social phobia and the beer breath of strangers

City Tanzcafe, Dortmund (fineliner and watercolor)
City Tanzcafe, Dortmund (fineliner and watercolor)

I have never attempted to — but I’m fairly sure I could convince a doctor that I have social phobia, if I tried.
So I usually look for a hidden, sheltered spot when I sketch outside.
This was not the case when doing this sketch. I was sitting on a circular bench on a busy square in the city, and soon after I started sketching, a bunch of older men sat down there, too, talking loudly in a language that I didn’t know. I tried to ignore them, but even though I didn’t understand the language, I could tell that they were talking about me.
I imagine the conversation went something like this:
– What’s she doing now?
– She’s putting in shadows. (The man sitting next to me answered.)
– What?
– (Louder) She’s putting in shadows!

At times the guy sitting next to me was leaning in so closely that I could smell his beer breath.

But in the end it wasn’t such a traumatic experience after all.

What’s your favorite dinosaur?

Rotkehlchen, Aquarell, Robin, watercolor
Robin (watercolor)

Ask my niece what her favorite bird is and she will answer: The robin.
It’s probably simply the only bird that comes to her mind; she knows this one because it’s on the cover of one of her picture books.
But isn’t that a stupid question to ask anyway?
Come on: What’s your favorite dinosaur?

The medieval castle

Medieval castle (Burg Eltz) [fineliner, watercolor, feather]
Medieval castle (Burg Eltz) [fineliner, watercolor, feather]

How does a medieval castle last through centuries without ever being destroyed or even seriously damaged?
By being located in a totally remote and secluded spot, so that no enemy ever found it.

Tiring out the thoughts (in Salzburg)

Three days in Salzburg, walking around in that small city all day, alone, just walking and thinking.

Letting the thoughts in your brain run wild, without discriminating between harmless banalities and those thoughts that keep you from sleeping at night.

Until, after two days, your brain grows tired of mulling over the same thoughts again and again, and the thoughts grow tired of being encaged in your boring brain.

So finally, after two days of walking, walking and thinking, legs tired, brain tired, you manage to sleep soundly at night.